A Sound Background...
Third Light Films is the production company of film director and sound designer - Leon Chambers.

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I made my first film in 2003, having been inspired to direct after working as the sound recordist on a friend’s short film. I came away not wanting to pursue a career in film sound, but wanting to direct. I made the ‘The Bank Job’ in order to prove to myself I could do it. After it was selected for a couple of festivals and won an award, I was convinced I was moving in the right direction.

I started out in 1986 as a studio assistant at Oakwood Studios, a recording studio in Canterbury. It was on the YTS earning £27 a week! I spent a year making sure there was enough tea and coffee, as well learning everything I could about studio life. The following year they took me on full-time at their sister company, Talking Shop. I worked as an engineer and also as a producer on various radio commercials and training programmes for companies like Hornby Hobbies and WHSmith. After another year I ventured out on my own and went freelance. I continued to work for Talking Shop, as well as for various studios in London. In 1990 I was offered a full-time job with Studio AVP as a recording engineer. It was here that I first worked for Oxford University Press along with other publishers recording English language courses. While there I was responsible for updating the studio to digital editing, installing and managing a SADiE system. In 1997 I moved to The Soundhouse Ltd, where I specialised in recording and editing radio drama. I became freelance again in 2001, in order to return to production.

My short films have screened at festivals all over the world and won a number of awards. While developing various feature film projects I continue to work as an audio producer for publishers Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

Leon Chambers, Third Light Films




August 22nd-30th 2014
Action on Film International Film Festival 2014

September 5th-11th 2014
LA United Film Festival 2014

January 10th-19th 2014
London Short Film Festival 2014
London, UK

March 19th-30th 2014
Cleveland International Film Festival 2014
Cleveland, USA

May 9th-10th 2014
British Independent Film Festival 2014
London, UK

June 13th-25th 2014
East End Film Festival 2014
London, UK